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Schedule & News

 For the week of August 21st


Students – Bring filled water jugs to practice every day.

Orders due this week for “Vox Populi” show apparel and KMEA state finals tickets (see below)
Please donate 24 cans of Pepsi product for the Lafayette Invitational

Monday is the last day to place a Spotlight Ad in our Invitational program!  Get all photos
and messages to
Carole Howell to include your student!


Full Rehearsal

3:45pm – 5:00pm



Dr. Tim Leadership Workshop

5:30pm – 8:30pm



Winds Rehearsal

3:45pm – 6:00pm



Color Guard Rehearsal

5:30pm – 8:30pm



Percussion Rehearsal

6:00pm – 8:30pm



Band Store Open

5:30pm – 6:30pm



Deadline to Register for M2




Full Rehearsal

3:45pm – 5:45pm



Sharpe Resources – Band Jackets


Student Lot


LBA Board Meeting




Show Shirts Pre-Orders Due




Winds & Percussion Rehearsal

3:45pm – 6:00pm



Color Guard Rehearsal

5:30pm – 8:30pm



Full Rehearsal

3:45pm – 6:15pm



KMEA State Finals Ticket Orders Due




Director’s Reminders


Conflicts with the rehearsal schedule need to be reported to Mr. Smith in advance.  Homework and work schedules are not approved absences.  ALL rehearsals are required attendance. Calendar is on the website at www.lafayetteband.org.  Any questions, contact Mr. Smith at chuck.smith@fayette.kyschools.us


Return Discount Cards and Money


The Discount Card fundraiser is drawing to a close.  Thank you to all for going above and beyond in selling and returning the money on time, but now….

ALL MONEY & UNSOLD CARDS NEED TO BE RETURNED.  If you would like to sell more, just let us know and we will keep you stocked.  Please turn in your money and cards when you pick up your band student! 

·         Wednesday, August 24 at 5:45pm

·         Thursday, August 25 at 6:00pm

Thanks so much for a great start to the fundraisers!


Dr. Tim Leadership Workshop


All students are strongly encouraged to participate in this great opportunity!

Monday, August 22 at 5:30pm-8:30pm in the Cafeteria of Lafayette High School
Rehearsal for Lafayette goes to 5pm on Monday, August 22
The cost to Lafayette band students is only $10 (LBA covers the rest)
Payment can be made on-line through the website (Click here for registration)


Band Store Update


Due to the Dr. Tim workshop on Monday evening, the band store will be open on Tuesday, August 23 from 5:30-6:30pm.  Please be sure to stop by and drop off your show shirt orders with payment.  The last day to place an order will be Wednesday, August 24!  This is your one and only chance to order a show shirt in the sizes you want.  The band store will only have a few and limited options available for purchase, so in order to ensure that you get the size and style you want, please get your orders in this week! 


Band Jackets and Crew Jackets


Sharpe Resources will be in the student parking lot on Wednesday, August 24 at 5:30pm to take band jacket orders.  They will have sample jackets and encourage all students to try-on jackets to determine best size.  All questions should be directed to Linda Sharpe at linda@sharperesources.com or 859-881-3012.


M2 Registration is Open Online


M2 private lesson program is open online at www.lafayetteband.org

Click here to register.  (The deadline is August 23rd)


Field Trip Permission Form

Download Form

All members of the marching band need to complete and return our field trip permission form.  Remember that a parent or guardian must sign the form.   The forms should be returned to Mr. Bishop.


“Vox Populi” Show Shirts and Sweatshirts

Download Order Form

We are taking pre-orders for the “Vox Populi” show shirts and sweatshirts.  The order form is available by clicking here.  The pre-order option will allow you to select your preferred styles and sizes.  A limited number of shirts will be available for purchase at the band store. 

Short sleeve “Vox Populi” show shirts are available for $18/$21. Long sleeve shirts are available for $22/$25.  This year we will have crewneck sweatshirts for $30/$33 and hooded sweatshirts for $36/$39. All items are available in sizes Small to 4XL.

Please return the order form and payment to the band store on Tuesday, August 23.

Or mail the order form and payment (checks payable to “LBA”) to:
P.O. Box 910450
Lexington, KY 40591

If you have any questions, please contact Stacey Haymes at 859-552-6108 or haymes@twc.com.


KMEA State Finals Ticket Order

Download Order Form

The band is purchasing general seating tickets for semi-finals and reserved block seating for the KMEA State Finals Competition.  If you would like to order your tickets with LBA, download and print the form and send payment in by August 26.   Checks payable to “LBA.”

Turn in order forms to Brenda Boggs on the following date/time:

Tuesday, August 23

5:30pm – 6:00pm

Student Parking Lot

Friday, August 26

5:30pm – 6:00pm

Student Parking Lot

Mail forms to:
Brenda Boggs
2408 La Cross Court 
Lexington, KY 40514


Lafayette Band Invitational – Spotlight Ads


The Lafayette Band will be hosting an Invitational Band Contest on Saturday, September 17.  Eleven local and regional bands will be performing and it will be an incredible event!  Ads are currently being sold for the invitational program, so if you know of or have a business and would like to place an advertisement, please contact Carole Howell for details. 

The Invitational Program will include “Spotlight Ads”If you have not seen a “Spotlight” form for the Lafayette Band Invitational program, contact Carole Howell or go to the Invitational link on our website. This is an easy way to support, recognize, and encourage your student for all of their hard work! Forms are due this week.

Monday is the last day to place a Spotlight Ad in our Invitational program!  Get all photos and messages to Carole Howell to include your student!  Let’s show everybody how proud we are of our band and students!


Lafayette Band Invitational – Donations Needed


Please keep bringing canned Pepsi products to the Bingo Hall to sell at the Invitational. The Food Crew needs to borrow a second grill for the Invitational. Contact Jim or Jane DeRossett if you have a grill available.

We will be operating a concessions stand and selling soft drinks in the stands during the Lafayette Band Invitational on September 17.  We are asking each family to donate a 24-case of canned Pepsi Products (yes – it must be a Pepsi product).  Due to limited storage space at school, please deliver your soda cans to the Bingo Hall on a Tuesday or Thursday evening between 5:00pm – 9:30pm.


Family Payments Agreements to be Fulfilled by August 31


Now that the marching band season is underway, we must fulfill our financial commitments to ensure that our students experience the best year possible.  Family payments cover only ½ of the annual band budget and the “standard payment schedule” should have been completed by August 15.  However, due to transitional issues with the Charms database, we are extending the deadline to August 31. We need family support through payments and fundraising efforts to cover the costs of meals, show design, transportation, and musical instruction.  It’s good to know: 

·         It costs $1,000 to feed the band one meal!  

·         It costs $1,000 to clean the uniforms after a hot competition day!

Family payments for 2016-2017 are $1,100 and you will save $150 if you complete your agreement by August 31.  After August 31, there is an additional late payment for the “deferred payment schedule,” per the payment agreement.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Smith at chuck.smith@fayette.kyschools.us or 859-396-3311 for a confidential payment arrangement.


Charms Database


The Lafayette Band utilizes Charms, a web-based organizational software system to track student contact information, financial statements, email communication, and more. 

To log into Charms, go to www.charmsoffice.com.  Click “Enter” on the top menu and click “Parents/Students/Members” on the dropdown list.  Login using the school code “lhsband” and enter your student ID/password.  If you need your student ID, please contact Liz Booth at lafayettebandaccounts@gmail.com. The student ID is assigned by Charms and is a combination of letters and numbers. 

If your student has an outstanding balance, you will receive a monthly financial statement.  The monthly payments will be billed individually in the Fixed Payment ledger.  Amounts received that are less than the billed fixed payment amount will be temporarily stored in the Miscellaneous ledger.  When the amount in the Miscellaneous ledger is sufficient to pay a monthly payments, we can transfer the amount to the appropriate fixed payment. 

Band payments may be paid by cash, check, credit card or money order.  Checks and money orders should be made payable to “LBA” (please note the student’s name) and mail to:

Lafayette Band Association
PO Box 910396
Lexington, KY 40591-0396b


Cheese, Sausage and Candles Fundraiser Has Started!


Cheese, Sausage and Candles Fundraiser Started on Thursday
Catalogs and important information went home with all students on Thursday.
Please ask to see these catalogs and encourage your student(s) to sell – for this fundraiser to be a success we need participation from all.

The Lafayette Band received 35% profit on the Candleberry Candle sales and 40% profit from all items in the Celebrate catalog (cheese, sausage, candy, wrapping paper and more).

Product Delivery will be October 6th, so plan ahead now for all of your Holiday needs.
Cheese and Sausage may be refrigerated up to 6 months so perfect for:

                UK Football and Keeneland Tailgating

                Packing a cooler for your trip to KMEA State Finals

                Thanksgiving, Holiday Parties and New Years – easy appetizers or hostess gifts

Candleberry Candles and other fun items are perfect for:

                Easy gift giving ideas – make your holiday gift list now

                Office or party gift exchanges

                The UK fan – “Light 1 for the Cats” (item 24)

                A little something special for your home to welcome fall

First Week Incentive:
Sell 15 items by Friday, August 26th and receive either a $10 gift card for Starbucks/iTunes or an enormous bag of gummy worms – student choice!
(text picture of order sheets(s) and name to Liz Booth (859-559-2650) by 11:00PM on 8/26/16).

·         Remember to sell to the Lafayette Teachers

·         Last day to turn in orders will be Monday, September 12th – Parent Meeting

·         We ask that each student sell at least 15 items

·         “In Lieu Of” Payment Option =$50.00

Any questions please contact:
Liz Booth:  859-559-2650 or liz@mysland.com
Carole Howell:  859-420-7845 or cehowe2@gmail.com


Kroger Card Community Rewards Program Re-enrollment


Thank you for supporting the Lafayette Band through the Kroger Community Rewards program.  All supporters must re-enroll by the August 31 deadline or Kroger will drop you from the rewards program.  If you are currently a supporter through this program, you should receive an email reminder from Kroger with a link to re-enroll. 

To re-enroll or begin to enroll in Kroger Community Rewards, follow these steps:

·         Go to www.kroger.com/communityrewards

·         Click the orange button on the left side to sign in to your account or create an account

·         Click on the “Community” tab at the top and then “Community Rewards”

·         Find Organization (search by keyword or NPO number 10043)

·         Select Your Organization – click on the button for Lafayette High School Band

·         Click the “Enroll” button to complete the enrollment process

If you need additional help with re-enrolling, please call 1-800-krogers, Option #3.  If you have not been a part of the Rewards Program to help support the band, you can create an account and enroll your Kroger plus card.  Click on the link above and register your card by entering the Lafayette Band NPO number 10043. 

This is an easy fundraiser so please register your Kroger Rewards Card and re-enroll in the program. Remember to use your rewards card to purchase gasoline and gift cards.  If you have any questions, contact Carole Howell at cehowe2@gmail.com.


Gattitown After the Home Football Games

Download the Flyer

The Lafayette Band will be heading to Gattitown after the home football games on Friday nights for pizza, salad, cinna-sticks and drink buffet. Costs are: Students $5 plus tax and Parents $7 plus tax.  A video of the halftime performance will be displayed on the huge video screens.

The dates are September 2, September 23, September 30, and October 14.


“Remind” System to Communicate Information


The Lafayette Band utilizes the “Remind” system to communicate important information to students and families.  The students have been encouraged to join the appropriate “remind” groups to receive updates, schedule changes, and reminders from the band directors.  Families are welcome to join.

Text the following codes to 859-519-8446:
@lafayetteb  (for all band students)
@lhswinds  (for Wind Symphony)
@62d72  (for Symphonic Band)
@lhsconcer  (for Concert Band)


Chaperone Crew Update


We still have a few students that have not turned in mandatory medical forms. These forms are for your child’s safety and are very important for not only proper medical treatment but so that we can reach you as quickly as possible. You can find the forms at www.lafayetteband.org in the forms section or stop by the blue chaperone building next to the band field and we’ll be glad to provide a form that you can fill out right there.

Students need to continue to bring their water jugs to practice throughout the band season. In the past, the marching band would easily use over 20,000 Styrofoam cups during a typical marching season. Personal water jugs are not only environmentally friendly but they save LBA parents over $600 a season.   Mr. Smith will provide a location for the students without lockers to store their jugs for easy access. 

Our goal is to have two chaperones at every band practice. Color Guard parents are needed to help Chaperone the late after school practices. Guard practices late on Monday and Tuesday (5:30-8:30) and Thursday (5:00-8:00).

You must be a FCPS approved volunteer and be a member of the LBA in order to volunteer. If you are interested or want more information, contact Frankie Stivers (frankiestivers@elderlawlexington.com


Tentative Fall Band Schedule



Football:  Louisville Trinity High School


Contest:  Bourbon County High School (please avoid the ACT on this day)


Lafayette Invitational


Football:  Henry Clay High School


Contest:  Ryle High School


Football:  Bryan Station High School


Football:  Madison Central High School  (Senior Night for the Band)


Contest:  Tates Creek High School


Football:  Tates Creek High School (8th Grade Band Night)


KMEA State Quarterfinals (preferred date for students to take the ACT)


KMEA State Finals in Louisville, KY


All Volunteers


Fayette County Public Schools requires a background check for anyone who volunteers in or with the schools.  Please submit to a new background check or verify the date on your current background check by clicking on this link.  Please complete the background check prior to the start of band camp.  This must be completed in order to volunteer in any capacity with the band (e.g., serve meal at band camp, field crew, uniform crew, etc.). Contact Brenda Boggs at bsbboggs@yahoo.com with any questions.


Links to General Information


Click Here for Contacts

Follow us on: Facebook and Twitter (@lafayetteband)

LBA Meeting Schedule

Instructions to Set up a Twitter Account

Download the Lafayette Band Handbook.

REMIND:  859-519-8446. @lafayetteb, @lhswinds, @62d72, @lhsconcer

Update  FCPS Background Check

Kroger Card Registration Instructions





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