Lafayette Band Schedule & News

For the week of September 13th  

Congratulations to the Color Guard and Percussion for Receiving Top Honors! 
Lafayette also won best overall music, best overall visual, and best overall effect!


Brass, Woodwinds, and Percussion

3:45 – 6:00



Color Guard

6:00 – 8:30



LBA Parent Meeting




Cheese, Sausage, and Candles Orders Due Today




Brass, Woodwinds, Color Guard

3:45 – 6:00




6:00 – 8:30



Band Store Open

5:00 – 6:30



Full Rehearsal

3:45 – 5:45







Full Rehearsal

3:45 – 6:15







Football Game:  Lafayette vs. Scott County




Color Guard Arrive and Dress




Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion Arrive and Dress




Band Store Open at the Football Game

5:00 – 9:00



Eat Pizza and Watch the Performance

After the Game


Band Reunion Tickets on Sale Now – Click Here


Cheese, Sausage, and Candles Fundraiser


Tomorrow (Monday) is the last day of this fundraiser so please continue to sell!  Every sale counts.

The overall Top Seller will receive $100
Top Seller in Each Class will receive $25 Gift Card
and “Mama Waffles” will provide a “Hang Up Uniform Service” for the entire marching season to the top seller in each grade.

Orders forms are due tomorrow (Monday) and will be collected:

·         after practice in the student parking lot

·         at the LBA Parent Meeting in the Cafeteria

Order forms may be turned in to Liz Booth, Carole Howell or Brenda Boggs

Product will be delivered October 1st – mini-camp
We ask that every family sell at least 15 items.
“In Lieu Of” Payment Option = $50

Any questions please contact:
Liz Booth  – 859-559-2650
Carole Howell –  859-420-7845


Family Payment Agreement is due on September 15th to Avoid Late Charge


Family payments for 2015-2016 are $1,100 and due on September 15.  After September 15, there is an additional late payment of $150.  Please complete your payment agreement by Tuesday and save $150.  Payments (cash, check or credit card) will be accepted at the LBA Parent Meeting on Monday.

Family payments and fundraising efforts are needed to cover the costs of meals, transportation, and musical instruction.  “Vive la France!” is an incredible show so please support the hard work of the students and staff through financial obligations.

Please plan to attend the Ryle Competition on September 26 to support and cheer the Lafayette Band!


BINGO – Volunteers Needed Now


Bingo is a year round fundraiser and we need your help!  This is a busy time for everyone but the financial success of Bingo depends on parent volunteers. Several pull tab sellers are needed every Tuesday and Thursday – the bingo patrons want to give us their money by purchasing pull tabs!

We ask that each family volunteer 12 times per year at Bingo.  Please find a Tuesday or Thursday this fall and come to the Bingo Hall in Keithshire Shopping Center at 6:00 pm.  You will meet some great parents and support the band’s fundraising efforts.


Vive la France! Show Shirts Available Monday, Tuesday and Friday


The show shirts for Vive la France! will be on sale this week at the following times:

Monday:  at the LBA Parent Meeting in the Cafeteria

Tuesday:  5:00pm – 6:30pm at the Band Store

Friday:     5:00pm – 9:00pm at the Band Store

Short sleeve Vive la France! show shirts are available for $18 and sizes include: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, and 4XL.  Long sleeve shirts are available for $22 and sizes include: Small, Large, XL, and 2XL.

Vive la France! show buttons are on sale for $3.00. Cash, Check and Credit card are accepted.


Gattitown After the Football Game

Download Flyer

The Lafayette Band will be heading to Gattitown after the football game on Friday for pizza, salad, cinna-sticks and drink buffet. Costs are: Students $5 plus tax and Parents $6 plus tax.  A video of the halftime performance will be displayed on the huge video screens.


Fun and Easy Fundraiser Opportunity – No Sales Needed


Dear Parents,

We have been invited to participate in a fundraising opportunity that does not require selling a product!  This is an easy fundraiser and has the potential to generate up to $25,000 for the band.  Please share the information below with friends and family.

Xooker is a new interactive app that combines rewards and gaming.  Xooker has invited the Lafayette Band Nation to participate in the beta testing and will make a $25 donation to the band for each completed survey.  There will be 3 surveys (10-15 minutes each) so each participant will be able to generate $75 in donations to the band. In order to participate, users must have an iPhone 4 or newer model or an Android phone model. The next round of testing begins on Wednesday so it is important to email your information prior to Wednesday to be included.

You may also invite others to participate who are over the age of 18 and live in Lexington, Franklin County, Scott County, Bourbon County, Jessamine Count, Woodford County, Clark County, or Madison County.  These participants are also eligible for the $25 donation/survey to the Lafayette Band.

Listed below are instructions on how to participate:

  1. Send an email to with the following information:
    1. Full name both in the subject line and body of email message
    2. Email address (that you can access from cell phone)
    3. Cell phone number
    4. Cell phone model
  2. You will then receive a confirmation email stating that you have been entered into the system and Lafayette Band will be eligible for the donation.
  3. When the app is ready for download, you will receive an email from “iTunes Connect” with instructions on how to download the Xooker app.
  4. Once the app has been downloaded, you can begin to play games and create your personalized list of favorite restaurants and retailers.
  5. You will receive a total of 3 surveys over a few months.  Survey links will be sent via email with instructions and a brief description of what each survey will cover.  You will have one week to complete the survey.  Lafayette Band will be credited with $25 after each survey is completed. 
  6. The next round of testing begins on Wednesday so it is important to email your information prior to Wednesday to be included.
  7. Since the app is still in beta testing you are not earning real Xooker points or selecting deals for redemption at merchants and restaurants.  In addition, you are not spending any money.
  8. If you have any questions, please email or call Paola at 859-264-7568 ext. 116.  In addition, please email or call Brenda Boggs at or 859-806-1967
  9. Attached is an explanation of the Xooker app and the instructions for Lafayette Band (which are listed above).

THANK YOU for participating in this fun, easy, and profitable fundraiser!


Lafayette Band Competition Etiquette


·         Have good manners!  Recognize and support the efforts of other students, band families and schools!  Remember you are representing the Lafayette “Pride of the Bluegrass” tradition! 

·         Don’t talk or enter/exit the stands during performances.

·         Silence cell phones.

·         Choose words wisely when speaking about other bands. 

·         Be cautious about comments made on social media outlets (i.e., Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, band blogs, etc.). 

·         Always applaud a band’s performance.  Students will appreciate our support and recognition of their efforts. 

·         The Lafayette “flag in the stands” tradition continues.  Distribution will occur just before Lafayette performs.  Please do not raise your flag until the band that performs before us has completely exited the field.   After the performance begins, lower your flag so that everyone can see the show. When the performance ends, raise your flag until Lafayette leaves the field.  Please return flags to Carole Howell, including the new ones for TOR, for distribution at the next competition.

·         Please refrain from yelling a specific student’s name when the band is set to perform.  This can be a distraction to your student and others.  They are prepared to deliver an excellent performance and this requires concentration.

·         When photographing or recording a performance, be careful not to block the view of the people seated around you.

Let’s represent Lafayette and ourselves by exhibiting good manners and respect for others.




THIS FRIDAY, just before the football game, uniform crew will have gloves ($6, $5), extra band camp shirts ($10) and extra white shorts ($10) for sale.

Make sure your hair and your shoes are performance ready!  Make sure you have plain long white socks!

More questions about uniforms?  Click Here  Uniform 101 – Everything you ever wanted to know about uniforms and more!

Even MORE questions? Contact Amy King, 859-227-4253,


Lodging Information for KMEA Finals


There are 20 rooms with two queen beds and 20 rooms with one king bed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bowling Green available for Lafayette Band families for the night of Saturday October 31, 2015 (the night of the KMEA Finals).  You can use the information below to reserve a room at a discounted rate.  Please note that the band members will not be spending Saturday night at this hotel. 

Last day to make a reservation: September 30 2015


1.       Go to:

2.       Select your dates in the upper right hand corner

3.       Under the box (check availability) select (add special rate code option)

4.       Enter:     LHSP  into the box next to Group Code

5.       Select the (check availability box)

6.       Your selection of room types and rate will appear


Phone In:

Please call 270-781-6778

Give dates of your stay

Request rate for: LHSP


Click here or paste the following link in your browser of choice:


Hilton Garden Inn Bowling Green

1020 Wilkinson Trace

Bowling Green, KY 42103



Looking for Band Camp or Parent Performance Photographs?

Photo Gallery

The Lafayette Band website now has a Photo Gallery and it can be accessed from the website home page!  The photos are categorized by event and year (e.g., 2015-2016: Day 7 Band Camp).  Many thanks to Randy Garland and Michelle Dunlap for their hard work in organizing the photo gallery and uploading thousands of photos!


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