May 3, 2015




It is mandatory that every parent complete and turn in a LBA Medical form for each student participating in Marching Band. Turn in the medical form this Thursday or during pick-up at the upcoming mini-camp on May 8-9 or at the May 11 LBA Parent Meeting. You can also mail the form to: Mike Booth 1105 Foleys Retreat 40514.

The medical form provides important contact and basic medical history information to the Chaperone First Aid team in case your child needs first-aid during band camp, a daily practice or a trip.

Since the LBA does not permit students to self-medicate over-the-counter (OTC) medications (ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.). You are encouraged to complete and have a physician sign the OTC authorized medications part of the medical form. Per FCPS policy, we cannot give your child even an antacid without written approval signed by a physician on file. We cannot take verbal permissions over the phone.

For right now, we must have the basic medical information for every student completed and turned in. If, at later date, you get your physician to sign the OTC authorization part of the form you can submit a revised form at that time.



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