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December 4, 2015


Football Championship – Pep Band


** Not all students are involved in pep band.  This is a volunteer group.

The Lafayette football team is playing for the class 6A Kentucky State Football Championship on Saturday, December 5.  The Lafayette band will be sending a pep band. 

We are asking the pep band students to meet at the high school at 2pm.  Departing at 2:30pm we will first drive to E-town to pick up our All-State Jazz band students.  We then will travel to Bowling Green (WKU).  The game begins at 5pm CST.  We will arrive in Bowling Green 40 min. prior to the game.  Meals will be concession fare so bring some money.  Admittance to the game is free.  The band will be traveling by charter bus and instruments will go under the buses.  After the game we will drive straight home arriving at approximately 10:45pm.

2:00pm                 Meet at Lafayette

2:30pm                 Depart for Bowling Green

3:45pm                 Pick-up All-State jazz students in E-Town

5:15pm                 Arrive at WKU

6:00pm                 Game begins

8:30pm                 Depart from WKU

10:45pm               Arrive at Lafayette

Dinner is concession fare.  Please bring money for your dinner.

Dress for the weather.