December 9, 2016

Jazz Concert Tonight


The Jazz Band and Jazz Ensemble will be performing tonight at 7:00pm in the Band Room.  We hope to see you there!


Fruit and Wreath Fundraiser


Roby’s Garden will be delivering our fruit orders today, Friday (December 9th) after school.  Volunteers are needed to help unload and sort the fruit boxes and some light lifting will be involved.  Contact Crystal Taylor or Carole Howell if you’re available from 4:00-6:00pm Friday and/or Saturday morning.

Pick-up and deliveries will be on December 10 between 8:00am and noon.  Let Carole or Crystal know in advance if you are not able to pick up your order on time.  Please make arrangements for immediate delivery to maintain freshness of the items.  Money collection will begin on Monday, December 12.

A tax deductible “In lieu of” payment of $50 can be made to ensure LBA maintains budgetary responsibilities and commitments.

Contact Crystal Taylor or Carole Howell (859-420-7845) with questions.



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