Lafayette Band Schedule & News

For the week of July 12th

Reminders and Notes

·         Summer 2nd video assignment is due July 13, 2015.  Send assignment (#10 and body training) to

·         Thanks to Herman Bratcher and the full band council for helping at bingo during the summer.

·         Join REMIND by texting @lafayetteb to 859-519-8446




Video Assignment #2 Due

M2 Summer Music Academy

Color Guard and Percussion Summer Training

Summer Band Rehearsal

4:00 – 8:30

6:30 – 8:30







Pull tab sellers needed

6:00 – 8:00

Bluegrass Bingo Center








Upper Class Meeting

Big Brother/Big Sister Picnic

Reception for Mr. Bishop and Family

Dessert Social for New Families

Pull tab sellers needed


5:30 – 8:00

5:00 – 7:00

7:00 – 8:30





Bluegrass Bingo Center



Freshmen, Percussion, Color Guard Camp

Evening Rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday.

Lunch is Not Provided

Camp Schedule

6:30 – 8:30




Lafayette Band Association Meetings:
Strategic Planning Session
LBA Parent Meeting

6:00 – 7:00
7:00 –




Reception for Dr. Magee

7:00 – 9:00

Bluegrass Bingo Center



Full Band Camp

Evening rehearsals on Monday & Tuesday

Lunch is provided. Students are not to leave campus for lunch.

Camp Schedule



AUG 3rd


Full Band Camp

Evening Rehearsals on Monday & Tuesday

Pool Party @ Tates Creek Pool

Lunch is provided. Students are not to leave campus for lunch.

Camp Schedule

6:30 – 9:30




AUG 7th

End of Camp Parent Performance and Dinner


Ishmael Stadium


AUG 8th

Picture Day (In Full Uniform)



Calendar Changes


Click here for full band camp schedule
Click here to download the summer schedule


Reception for Mr. Bishop and Family


Join us for a reception to meet Mr. Bishop and his family on Thursday, July 16 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm in the band room.


Items to Distribute


Memory Books/DVDs/2015 Senior Pictures/Gummy Worms for Raffle Prizes will be distributed by Beth Potter and Karen Akel in the Parking Lot on Monday, July 13 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.  Please email Beth at with any questions.


Big Brother / Big Sister Picnic


The purpose of the Big Brother / Big Sister Picnic is to welcome new marchers into the band by giving them a fun way to meet their new peers and upper classmen who will act as their big brother or big sister.  Attendance is not mandatory but new marchers are encouraged to attend.  All new marchers should have received an invitation to the picnic with the name of their Big Brother / Big Sister.  Call or text Haley Potter 859-948-1637 if you have any questions.


Last Chance Before Band Camp Begins


Join the Lafayette Band Association (required to volunteer)
Submit to a new FCPS Background Check or update your previous check
Complete and return medical and KHSAA forms (more information below)


Important Medical Information

Link to Medical Form


Medical Forms

Drop off your completed medical forms or pick up blank forms at the following dates/times:

Monday, July 13 @ Lafayette Cafeteria  6:30 – 8:00

Thursday, July 16 @ Big Brother/ Big Sister Picnic

Monday, July 20 @ LBA Parent Meeting

Band Camp Student Drop-off in the Student Parking Lot


Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medications

Beginning this year, LBA’s medical form procedures have been updated to match the Fayette County School policy.  Page two of the student’s medical form must be signed by a physician in order for the chaperone team to administer any OTC medication you approve on the form. We cannot take verbal medication approval over the phone if you have not designated an OTC medication or if there is no physician signature on the student’s form.

Prescription Medications

The chaperone crew must monitor the administration of all prescription medications. Drop off all prescription medications that your child may need during practice in their original containers to a medical team representative in the student parking lot when you drop your child off for practice.

If you have any questions you may contact Mike Booth @ or 859-227-7985.


8oz Water Bottles Needed


The chaperone crew is requesting 8 oz. Water Bottles for the Marching Season. Each year during band camp, we collect 8 oz. water bottles that are used before all performances. Each student receives a bottle of water to ensure they are hydrated prior to every performance.  We use 8 oz. bottles to make them easier to carry with us and we find that 8 oz. is the ideal amount.  We ask that each family help by donating some 8 oz. water bottles over the course of band camp.  We will be receiving them when you drop off your kids at band camp and we are happy to receive them every day of camp.  Thanks from your chaperone crew.

 If you have any questions you may contact Mike Booth @ or 859-227-7985


Personal Cooler/Thermos Water Jugs


The chaperone crew always has ice water available at every practice. Every season we go through thousands of Styrofoam cups while students stand in long lines at the water jugs. We recommend that each student bring a filled cooler/ thermos jug to practice. The chaperone crew will re-fill the student’s jug after their break. There are a few stipulations:

1. The student’s name must be clearly marked on the jug.

2. Make your jug unique so you can easily pick it out.

3. The jug must be left next to the chaperone area if the student wants it re-filled after breaks.

4. All jugs must be picked up after each practice or the jug may be thrown away.


Discount Cards


The 2015-2016 Lafayette Band Discount Card fundraising packet will be distributed at the LBA Parent Meeting on Monday, July 20 at 7:00pm in the LHS Cafeteria.  Each family is asked to sell at least 15 cards or provide an in lieu payment of $50.  Click here to view the 2015-2016 Discount Card.

All money and unsold tickets should be turned in by August 19.  Watch e-News for collection dates and times.  If you have questions, contact the Discount Card Fundraiser Coordinator Cindy Bennett (859-533-4709) or Carole Howell (859-420-7845).


LBA Parent Meeting and Strategic Planning Session

July 20th

The Lafayette Band Association (LBA) will host an optional “Strategic Planning Session” from 6:00pm – 7:00pm in the LHS Cafeteria.  This session will give parents an opportunity to hear more about the long-term goals of the Lafayette Band program.  Mr. Smith will lead this session by providing the vision for the program and LBA’s role in reaching these goals.

At 7:00pm , the LBA Parent Meeting will begin and will include opportunities to volunteer and ways to get involved, the rehearsal and performance schedule, pertinent information about the season, and information about the 2015 Show!

Contact Brenda Boggs at or 859-806-1967 with any questions.




More detailed information can be found in the July Band Camp issue of the
newsletter this week.


Important Band Camp Drop-Off and Pick-Up Notice


Please do not drive onto the band field to drop-off or pick-up your student once band camp begins.  Use the entrance for the student parking lot located prior to the band lot entrance.  Since more than 200 students and staff may be on the band field at any one time, it is important for their safety to keep cars from driving onto the lot.


Preparing for a Hot Band Camp


Now is the time to make preparations for band camp.  Get outside and acclimate yourself with the heat for at least 60 minutes each day.  Always remember to drink plenty of fluids and eat well BEFORE band camp starts.  Please click here for Hydration and Nutrition Information.


Food Allergies


The Food Crew needs information on students with food allergies or who request a vegetarian diet.  Please visit Food Crew both Monday night at parent meeting or email


Join the Uniform Crew


Are you still searching for your place in the Lafayette Band Association family?  Then I invite you to join uniform crew!  Contrary to popular belief, sewing skills are NOT required, and it’s not required to work performances days.  While we do need a performance crew, there’s plenty to do behind the scenes on other days.  Younger siblings are always welcome to hang out with us.  So whether you have a little time to donate or a lot, please check out our fun and flexible crew!  Questions?  Contact Amy King by phone or text at (859)227-4253, or email at


Volunteers Needed


Please let Amy King know if you are willing to help with uniform fittings or uniform alterations during the two weeks of full band camp (July 27-August 7).  There are many jobs to do and they don’t all require sewing skills!  Please email Amy King at


Red Bag Order

Download Flyer

Students travel with their red bag during marching season. The red bag will hold items like shoes, shorts, t-shirt, and that all-important deodorant.   If you do not wish to purchase a red bag one will be assigned to the student for the season. However, many students like having their own red bag, which is a little bigger and has their name embroidered on the top.  You can place your order and make payment at the July 20th LBA parent meeting, at the August 7 parent performance or mail the form to the address list on the flyer.


Order Band Shoes


If you need band shoes, we will be taking orders on Wednesday, July 29, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm in the cafeteria. Returning band kids, check your shoes before this date to make sure your shoes still fit and are in acceptable condition.  New band kids, you will definitely need to order. We will have samples to try on if you are unsure of size.  White marching shoes are $38 and black concert shoes are $25.  If you need both, the total is $63.  Guard shoes are $27.  Payment MUST be made THAT DAY.  Cash, money orders or checks made out to RRR Band Accessories are all acceptable forms of payment.  If you have questions, please contact Amy King 227-4253,


Band Store Volunteers Needed


Band store is looking for volunteers throughout the marching season.  If interested please contact Stephanie Roney at or 859-519-0048.


Want to Volunteer?  Join the Lafayette Band Association


Join the Lafayette Band Association today to become an integral part of the decision-making process affecting your student’s music education experience. Annual membership (June 1 – May 31) is $10 per household and includes the following benefits:

·         Voting membership (one vote per household) in the Lafayette Band Association

·         Eligibility to hold LBA offices and participate in volunteer activities

·         LBA name tags for each member of your household identifying you as a supporter of the Pride of the Bluegrass.

·         Your student’s instrument may be covered against accidental damage by LBA’s insurance coverage during band trips.  Personal instruments of non-LBA members are not covered.


BINGO – LBA’s Year-Round Fundraiser


Fundraising is crucial to support the Lafayette Band and its activities.  All of the fundraising efforts we engage in are important but Bingo (a year round fundraiser) does not require you to purchase items or sell items to your neighbors, co-workers, and family.

Bingo only requires your time.  Each night (Tuesday and Thursday) a staff of 12-15 volunteers are needed to run a successful Bingo session.  The profits raised for the Lafayette Band each night are dependent upon a full staff of volunteers.  Our Bingo patrons want to give us their money!

We ask that each family volunteer 12 times per year at Bingo.  Please find a Tuesday or Thursday this summer and come to the Bingo Hall in Keithshire Shopping Center at 6:00 pm.  You will meet some great parents and support the band’s fundraising efforts.


All Volunteers


Fayette County Public Schools requires a background check for anyone who volunteers in or with the schools.  Please submit to a new background check or verify the date on your current background check by clicking on this link.  Please complete the background check prior to the start of band camp.  Contact Brenda Boggs at with any questions.


Tentative Fall Band Schedule



Football: Boone County
Contest:  Bourbon County – Please avoid the ACT on this day
Football: Scott County
Contest:  Ryle High School
Football: Clark County
Band of America Contest: St. Louis Super Regional
KMEA State Quarterfinals
KMEA State Contest in Bowling Green, KY


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