July 27, 2015

PLEASE NOTE: The section order and times for pictures have been adjusted.

Band Picture Times on Saturday, August 8th


Triple Play Productions will be photographing students and sections on Saturday, August 8.  Students should wear white shorts, band camp t-shirt, white socks, and marching shoes to school.  Students will dress into their uniform for the pictures. Below are the arrival times for each section to report to the band room.
8:15 – Sousaphones
8:30 – Baritones
8:45 – Percussion 
9:00 – Flutes
9:30 – Clarinets
9:45 – Trombones
10:00 – Mellophones
10:15 – Trumpets
10:30 – Saxophones
10:45 – Drum Majors
11:00 – Color Guard 
More information to follow about opportunities to view pictures and order online.  Payment (cash, check or credit card) will be due when orders are placed.  Photos will be shipped directly to your home within 3 to 4 weeks.  Contact Brenda Boggs at
859-806-1967 or with any questions.