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October 28, 2015


Band Store

Open Thursday 5:00–6:30

The band store has corrected “Lafayette” Vive la France! show patches and lapel pins for $7.00 each.  If you purchased one a few weeks ago, bring it to the band store and we will exchange it for a patch or pin with the correct spelling.

Get ready to show your Lafayette Spirit and keep warm at State!  The band store has show shirts, sweatshirts, blankets, fleece ear warmers and car flags.


Events in Preparation for KMEA State Finals


Halloween Treat Bags

Several parents are assembling Halloween “goodie” bags to give the students after the State Finals performance.  If you would like to donate candy, Jan Arnold will be collecting on Wednesday, October 28 during rehearsal.  Please contact Jan at 859-278-2018 if you have any questions.

Prayer Around the Flag Pole

Bob Soper will lead the annual Prayer Around the Flagpole on Thursday, October 29 at 5:30pm.  Parents and family members are invited to pray out loud or silently for each section, circumstance, and our fellow band families.  We will meet rain, snow, or shine!  We will finish in time to watch the final run at practice.  This activity is not sanctioned by the LBA and is optional.

Encouragement Signs

Let’s show the musicians and performers how much we support them and congratulate them on a wonderful marching season!  Parents, family members, and friends are welcome to make encouragement signs and posters (e.g., “We Believe!” or “Go Lafayette!”) for the band.  We will line the perimeter of the band field during the final run on Thursday, October 29 at 6:00pm.  Please join us for this 2nd annual (and fun) tradition!


Packing for the Bowling Green Overnight Trip


You need to pack three bags:

1. RED BAG: Stays with you on the bus. It includes anything you need on the bus and for practice on Friday and Saturday.

2. OVERNIGHT BAG: Goes under the bus. You take this in the hotel with you Friday night. It includes clothing and toiletries you need for your stay in the hotel.

3. BED-IN-A-BAG: Goes under the bus and is not taken out until we arrive at the gymnasium on Saturday. The bedding should be placed in a garbage bag with your name clearly marked on the bag. This bag includes what you will need for sleeping on the gym floor Saturday night. This should include some combination of a sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, etc.

·         You will have all three bags with you at the gymnasium.

·         Bring only what you need for practice, performing, and sleeping.

·         Remember there is no access to showers Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Good luck band! Do your absolute personal best, leave no regrets on the field, and you WILL be successful.


Student Medications


If your child needs to take any prescription medications from time we depart for Bowling Green to the time we return on Sunday you must:

1.       Complete a “Physician Order and Parent/Guardian Authorization Administration Form” found on www.lafayetteband.org  for each medication.

2.       Send only the medication the student will need during the trip in its original container.  Do not send extra.

3.       Drop off the medication(s) at the blue chaperone building on Wednesday (10/28) or Thursday (10/29) anytime during practice. In order for us to properly organize and log the medications we ask that you not bring any medications last minute on Friday morning.

If you have any questions you may contact Trish Sprague (sprague@twc.com) or Mike Booth (mikeboothgm@gmail.com).


State Marching Band Championships

Download Itinerary



October 31st, 2015


Houchins-Industries – L.T. Smith Stadium

Western Kentucky University

1605 Avenue of Champions

Bowling Green, KY 42101


Semi-Finals $10 General Admission

Finals $12 Reserved Seating (Premium reserved seats are sold out)

Tickets at the site are available for cash only

Children age six and under will be admitted free but will not be given a ticket for a seat.  For Finals (reserved seating) they must be held by an adult.


 Lafayette’s semi-finals performance time is 12:15 CDT



This Saturday we will be competing for another state championship!  We are in need of some homemade sweet treats and cookies to take on the road with us.  We need approximately 90 dozen treats and cookies. If you are able to help us, please send 4 dozen cookies or other treats when you drop-off your student on Friday morning.  Stacy Stone, the “cookie lady”, will be in the student parking lot to collect the treats.  Please remember our food allergy situation and avoid nuts, peanut butter, and sesame seeds. As always, thank you so much for supporting the band in such a huge way!!!

Food Menu for State Semi-finals and Finals

·         Friday Dinner: Sub sandwich, chips, fruit, and cookie

·         Friday Night: Cheesecake or cupcake

·         Saturday Breakfast: Bagel, cheese and/or cheese crackers

·         Saturday Brunch: Assorted biscuit sandwiches (choice of sausage and egg, sausage only, cheese and egg or cheese only) and fruit

·         Saturday Lunch: Fazoli’s spaghetti with meat sauce or fettucine alfredo with salad, breadstick and cookie

·         Saturday Dinner: Chick Fil A chicken strips or veggie wrap, carrots and assorted vegetables, chips,  and cookie

·         Saturday Night: Papa John’s pizza and assorted snacks

·         Sunday Breakfast: Yogurt, muffin and fruit

Food Servers Needed

We need help serving the following meals:

  • Dinner at Papa John’s Stadium on Friday (arrive at 5:45pm)
  • Lunch in Bowling Green on Saturday (immediately after 12:15 performance)
  • Dinner in Bowling Green on Saturday (arrive at 5:00pm)

Meals in Bowling Green will be served at First Baptist Church.

Please contact Robin Feese at rfeesemd@gmail.com if you are able to help with the meals.


Itinerary for KMEA State Marching Band Championships at Western Kentucky University


Friday, October 30

7:45 am                Put luggage in band room. ATTEND blocks 1-3

Regular 3rd & 4th block lunch will eat during 2nd lunch today; then report to band room

12:50                     Load Buses

1:00                        Depart for Papa John’s Stadium- Louisville, KY

2:30                        Arrive

3:00                        Rehearsal

6:45                        Dinner

7:45                        Depart for Bowling Green

8:15 CST               Check-in Hilton Garden Inn

9:15                        Cheese Cake

10:15                     Room Check

10:45                     Lights Out

Saturday, October 31

5:15am CST         Wake-up/breakfast

6:30                        Depart for South Warren HS

7:00                        Rehearsal

8:30                        Brunch on bus

9:00                        Change into uniform

10:00                     Semi-Finals begin at WKU

10:00                     Stretch & Body at First Baptist Church (FBC); Bowling Green

10:30                     Load Buses

10:45                     Depart for WKU

11:00                     Arrive at WKU

11:30                     Warm-up

12:15pm               Semi-Finals Performance

1:00                        Lunch at FBC

2:00                        Nap time (pillow and blanket/sleeping bag needed)

3:15                        Wake-up

3:30                        Depart for South Warren

4:00                        Rehearse

6:00pm                 Dinner at FBC

Afternoon schedule will be announced

The remaining band schedule will be determined depending on the draw for finals.

6:00                        Finals Begin

TBA                        Finals Performance

11:30                     Finals Awards

12:30                     Return to FBC/ Change from Uniform / Pizza

1:00am                 Gym Check

2:00                        Lights out

Sunday, November 1

7:30am                 Wake/Breakfast

8:30                        Gym inspection, load buses

9:00                        Depart Bowling Green

12:30 (EST)          Arrive Lafayette

BAND MEMBERS — It is very important to check and double-check the items in your Red Bag prior to every performance! Make certain all required items are present, clean. This is important information to remember prior to every football game and competition!

Parents and Students — Carefully review these instructions:

  • Sleeping on gym floor Saturday night; Have pillow/blanket/sleeping bag. Boys and Girls will be in separate areas.
  • Bring money for gloves if needed. $5.00 – $6.00
  • Clean and polish shoes
  • Have your band camp shirt to wear under your uniform.
  • Wear long white socks – plain, no stripes! (It’s good just to keep an extra pair of socks in your bag)
  • Bring the white shorts provided to you.
  • If there is a problem with your uniform, see a member of the uniform team.
  • We always appear in public dressed in full uniform unless Mr. Smith or Mr. Bishop have informed the students otherwise.

Hair should not touch the collar when dressed in uniform, therefore, students with longer hair should bring items to secure their hair in a ponytail or purchase a wig cap.  Wig caps can be purchased from the Uniform Team for $1 for a package of 2 caps.”

Please make sure your shoes are CLEAN!  Scrub sides of soles with a brush and 409 or scrubbing bubbles.  Clean scuffs off uppers with a magic eraser or fingernail polish remover.  Remove laces and hand wash with dish soap.  White shoe polish makes the shoes beautiful!  Clean shoes the day before needed so they have time to dry.  Spraying deodorant or Febreeze inside keeps the shoes smelling fresh.  MAKE SURE your student’s name is written in BOTH shoes with permanent marker.

Have class – YOU are the “PRIDE OF THE BLUEGRASS”! Always support other performing groups! Refuse to say anything negative, no matter what might be said to you.

·         DO NOT pack luggage like you’re going on vacation

·         You will need to have your luggage marked with your name

·         You will also need a sleeping bag and pillow in a garbage bag marked with your name.

·         You must have sensible and modest sleeping apparel for Saturday night.

·         You will not have an opportunity to shower Saturday night or Sunday morning


Lafayette Band Competition Etiquette


  • Have good manners!  Recognize and support the efforts of other students, band families and schools!  Remember you are representing the Lafayette “Pride of the Bluegrass” tradition! 
  • Don’t talk or enter/exit the stands during performances.
  • Silence cell phones.
  • Choose words wisely when speaking about other bands. 
  • Be cautious about comments made on social media outlets (i.e., Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, band blogs, etc.). 
  • Always applaud a band’s performance.  Students will appreciate our support and recognition of their efforts. 
  • The Lafayette “flag in the stands” tradition continues.  Distribution will occur just before Lafayette performs.  Please do not raise your flag until the band that performs before us has completely exited the field.   After the performance begins, lower your flag so that everyone can see the show. When the performance ends, raise your flag until Lafayette leaves the field.  Please return flags to Carole Howell, including the new ones for TOR, for distribution at the next competition.
  • Please refrain from yelling a specific student’s name when the band is set to perform.  This can be a distraction to your student and others.  They are prepared to deliver an excellent performance and this requires concentration.
  • When photographing or recording a performance, be careful not to block the view of the people seated around you.

Let’s represent Lafayette and ourselves by exhibiting good manners and respect for others.