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August 5, 2016


Uniform News


Shorts – Your student needs at least one pair of plain white shorts to wear under the uniform. If you placed an order for shorts from the Uniform Crew, they are available today.  Payment of $10 must be provided to receive the white shorts. The uniform crew will have a table at the stadium tonight to receive payment and distribute shorts. Checks should be made payable to LBA.  Your student needs white shorts for Picture Day tomorrow.

Band Camp T-Shirt – Your student will receive one shirt free of charge today. If you would like to purchase an additional shirt for $10, they will be available at the stadium tonight. The students like to have an extra shirt on hot competition days.  It also eliminates the need to do laundry after a football game on Friday night before a competition on Saturday! 

Red Bag – The ‘red bag’ is what contains all of your child’s uniform parts – shoes, socks, shorts, shirt and gloves. For more information on ordering a red bag click here.  If you choose not to purchase a red bag, your child will be issued a small bag from the Uniform Crew.  Red Bag orders are due tonight.  Look for the uniform crew table at the stadium.

Any other uniform questions?  Contact Amy King by email, amy@bleedsblue.com, or text 859-227-4253.



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